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We currently offer four different services to academy:


If you are planning to work with data sets or automated systems, we can assist you. Also from time to time, we offer junior research positions for co-developing our products and services. Ask for our custom research assistance programs and research positions.


If you think your project can be improved with intelligent systems (e.g. automated decision-making processes, control systems, statistical analysis), we can offer you our consulting services.

Intelligent Systems Design

It is possible that you require an information technology system that can be adapted to many circumstances, that can learn from data, that can be automated. Well, you have the idea and we can implement it by designing an intelligent system. Contact us.


Expand your knowledge or bring others the opportunity to learn about intelligent systems. We offer training programs in a wide range of artificial intelligence techniques, from theoretical aspects to practical issues. Spanish and English courses are available. Ask for our programs.